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Frequently Asked Questions– Objet D'ART
How does your Hair Restoration solution differ than other Hair Replacement Clubs or Hair Replacement Centers? 
Objet D' Art emphasizes that it treats each client with individual customer care based on his/her needs and life style. Unlike the Hair Replacement Clubs, we do not require any type of ongoing contact, it is up to the individual client to determine thier ongoing needs,
Are Clients Required to Join a Program or Sign a Contract? 
Unlike several large competitors, we do not require clients to sign a contract. We do offer ongoing service to our clients after thier initial hair restoration solution, however the choice is up to the individual client. 

What is the difference between a Hair System and a Toupee? 
The term Toupee is an old term used in the industry. As the industry progressed in its ability to create a less detectable product, a new term “Hair System” was created. 

What’s the difference between Hair Replacement and Hair Restoration? 

Hair replacement is a non-surgical means of providing hair. This is done by using hair systems to cover the area of thinning and utilizing as much of your natural hair as possible. 

Hair restoration is a surgical method of replacing hair. This is done by transplanting hair from the back of the head to the area of thinning. 

I'm starting to lose my hair. Should I start now?
Yes, The more hair you still have, the less chance there is of anyone noticing the change. We can always add more hair, if your baldness progresses. This way you will maintain a balanced appearance while keeping you looking and feeling your best. 

Is special care required?
No, You can shampoo and condition as you would with your own natural hair. You can stle as if it is your own natural hair. 
Is it painful?
No. Objet D'ART utilizes the most up-to-date solution on the market today. Thier is no pain.
Will it look natural?
Yes! We utilize the most up-to-date hair systems on the market today. Also, in recent years thier have been great advancements in the hair replacement industry. The products on the market today provide a more natural looking hair solution. During our initial consultation we will discuss the best options for you. .
We respect the privacy of our clients. Objet D" Art will not sell or share any information gathered to any third party. Like your visits to our offices, all information received from our clients is kept strictly confidential. 

Is your service confidential?
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We Offer Evening and Weekend Private Confidential Hair Restoration Services.  
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We treat hair loss with non-surgical hair restoration and replacement.